Friday, September 26, 2008

An old friend

When I first started using Facebook, not too long after it started to become popular, I felt like I was way too old for it. It seemed like only teenagers were on. And then Hadas (now almost 15) decided not to friend me :-( making it seem even more like it wasn't my place... [She later ditched Facebook, got back on & decided that adults are OK.] Now it seems like more and more people are on Facebook and this week I was able to get in touch with an old friend. From fourth grade (1977-78 school year).

I sent her a message entitled, "Wondering". And asked if she'd lived where we lived at the time. I got her response the next day. Yes. And very quickly she remembered who I was, including all sorts of details that I didn't (like that she used to love braiding my hair and that we used to hide in the closet to use lip gloss :-)) And I guess that if you grew up in one place and had a bunch of friends for your whole life, that might not be that exciting, even though it's been 30 years (um, yeah, Eema - my mom is still actually in her mid-to-late 20's, so that's really going to confuse her :-)) but for me, having grown up as a US Army brat and having moved away from my friends all the time, this is REALLY cool. My parents have friends who they've kept in touch with all those years, but their kids weren't my friends and I doubt we'd have any real memories together (with one exception I can think of).

It feels like such a gift that someone else is able to piece a part of my childhood back together with me. And as she said, we were so cool back then :-) We really were!


DrSavta said...

I think it's fantastic! I am really happy for both of you. And I completely understand the feeling of reclaiming pieces of yourself. It is why I stayed connected to old friends despite the miles and oceans that separated us.

Vacant Uterus said...

There is nothing like old friends...they keep all the forgotten pieces of you, keep your history whole. I was lucky enough to stay in one place when i was growing up and so I have small but dear circle of friends who've known me since I was very small. They hold my roots so that I can branch out elsewhere. (We always say that when we are very old, we'll all go to the same nursing home and be together again.)

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about Facebook is that I'm friends with people that I wasn't "friends" with. We've all matured since high school or college, and now we actually talk and get along. It's like another chance at a social life - strange, but fun.

Sarah said...

i'm going to a reunion of my old summer camp next weekend and am thrilled to have found several of my old camp buddies on fb. so fun!!

Bea said...

Hey! So I notice you haven't posted here in a while again! We're both as bad as each other.

Glad you found your old friend. I think I can get the re-connecting thing. It really takes you back with some people, and to have moved around so much would take it to a whole new level.


docgrumbles said...

My Facebook reunions have been far less rewarding - mostly, old classmates send a friend request and then never send another comment or message.

I am glad you had a great reunion through it.

Topcat said...

Hey Rachel! (waves)

Thank you for your good wishes on my anniversay. Hope you are doing well ..... I TOTALLY dig Facebook too. Thought I was way too old at first also, but I picture adding new friends when I am ninety. HA! xo

Krista said...

I am enjoying catching up with old friends on facebook too. I imagine it is even more enjoyable as someone who didn't stay in one place long enough to put down roots.

I can't believe that your daughter has gone away to school. What a fabulous opportunity, but really, where has the time gone.