Thursday, April 29, 2010

A bit about blogging...


Rules: Answer the following questions & tag 5 fellow bloggers to do the same.
  • The blogging platform I use most is:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best) I rate it:

  • What I like about it is...

    That I know how to use it... well, except for
  • What I hate about it is...

    Fixing the template is a disaster
  • If I could add any features I could, it/they would be...

    A template editor for real people (as opposed to people who read html as well as they read English)
  • My biggest mess-up with my blog has been...

    Moving from FTP publishing, which left me with over 200 static pages, each of which has to be edited separately if I want to make any changes...
  • I enjoy blogging because...

    It lets me write things and get people's comments.
  • I blog every time that...

    I have inspiration...
  • I never blog about... (tricky, huh? ;-))

    Things that are too private to share.
  • Tell one experience about someone you've met via blogging.

    I've met some really nice people by blogging - some in real life and some who are my facebook friends.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Talent, knowledge or experience?

I just created this new meme on sleeQo. You're tagged :-)

Rules: We study, but then don't necessarily end up doing what we learned. Here's your chance to say why you think you're good at something that you do - either your job or one or more aspects of it - or something you do as a hobby.
  • Did you have any formal study of this?

    No, but my printing and language studies are very relevant.
  • Did you have any informal study / Did you learn on-the-job?

    I learned on the job and I've read a lot on the topic - including textbooks and articles. I also have Ohad to consult with (which I often do).
  • What do you think contributes most to your ability to do this well?

    Some of it is definitely talent - an ability to look at things in different ways from other people, to separate topics and reorganize them... and experience is also a huge factor.
  • What of the following do you think contributes *least* to your ability to do this well: studies, on-the-job training, learning from experts informally, experience, other

    I think that some of the theoretical material has proven useless, as reality often dictates solutions that contradict it.
  • Is this more a job or a hobby or a combination of the two?

    More of a job.
  • Do you consider yourself a professional?

  • Do other people ask for your advice?

  • Do you enjoy what you do?

    Mostly. I particularly enjoy starting a new project and higher level design OR finding solutions to things that are really complicated.
  • Do you continue to seek more knowledge so that you can improve at what you do?

    All the time.
  • Until what age do you think you want to continue doing this?

    I don't know... 10-15-20 years, I guess.
  • (Optional) What was your subject for this meme?

    user interface design
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Person

One person

Rules: Choose one person - either someone you know personally or you know of - and answer the following questions. Post the results on Facebook or on your blog & let people guess who it is.
  • Is the person male or female?

  • Is this person one of your facebook friends / famous / other?

  • What facial feature do you think of first when you think of this person?

    Nose, I guess
  • What game would you choose to play with this person?

    Not sure
  • Where would you choose to eat dinner with this person?

    Fancy kosher restaurant - doesn't matter which
  • How long could you stand being on a desert island with this person?

    Don't know her personally, so I am not sure.
  • What color looks best on this person?

  • Does this person have a skill or talent you envy? If so, which?

    Yes. She is a very talented singer.
  • Do you feel this person knows you as well as you know him or her?

    I am positive she doesn't know I exist.
  • What is the nicest thing you have heard this person say?

    Can't think of anything...
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