Thursday, July 31, 2008

History - Part 5

I really didn't mean to leave you hanging... (OK, well, I didn't mean for it to be that long)

I didn't like Ohad much, in fact, I thought he was kind of aloof. Several months later, I did the documentation part of a project that he was working on. Later I moved into his group - the GUI group (graphical user interface). It was a very long time after that that we even started to communicate about anything but work. When we first started to date, I knew almost nothing about him and each time I learned more about him, I found we were so much more similar that I thought.

I'd had a crazy summer, with a horrible, ugly, scary divorce (even worse than I'd feared) and Ohad had also just gotten divorced. We let our boss know that we were going away together and we flew to Paris, drove to Normandy and then Brittany for the most amazing vacation ever. 8 days. No kids. Fabulous scenery. And, most importantly, we loved being together.

Ohad, in Etretat.

A year-and-a-half later, in March 2004, we got married (this is the only picture I could find, but I'll dig up more later).

And in March 2005, Abigail came along...

And that made four. Kids, that is.

More soon...


Vacant Uterus said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your wedding dress. Abigail looks so sweet as a baby (and I'm sure she still looks sweet now). So alert and cute!


kirby said...

Wow - didn't realize how much Yirmi looks like Guli.

Lovely dress and a good pick on the guy.