Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We interrupt this history for a few pictures

A few recent pictures of my kids...

Nomi - 2 & 3 months.

Nomi with her driver, Matan (12).

A picture from Matan and Lilach's (12) graduation from elementary school.

Abigail (3 & 3 months) and Yirmi (3-1/2 months). Abigail adores Yirmi (and he adores her too :-))

Matan and Lilach decorating their birthday cake with a little help from their sisters (Hadas -14-1/2 in the background eating sprinkles)

Abigail and Nomi eating fruit at their little picnic table.

More soon :-)


Rona Michelson said...

I am stunned! I am sitting in a rest stop just east of Des Moines, Iowa, and I get to see my cuties!
Lots of love

nancy said...

super cute. So glad you posted some pictures!

Bea said...

Nice pics.