Monday, August 18, 2008

One more thing down

I just sent out the first draft of the screens for a new security system for which I'm designing the user interface (the company draws up the specs, I make screens that people can use, a graphic designer makes it pretty and a programmer makes it work). The fact that I am able to do this between fixing up my seminar paper and having 6 kids home surprises even me.

I also wrote a speech for Lilach's Bat Mitzvah party (one that her father is throwing for her, that we're not going to). Her father's girlfriend had hit ctrl-c > ctrl-v from Wikipedia (in Hebrew) and then just deleted the "mother" in the thank you's section (actually, it was much worse than that, but I'll try to get to that in another post) and with Lilach having a difficult enough time reading things that she does understand, I thought it was really unfair (not to mention the fact that it seemed as if she had been born via immaculate male conception which was just weird). She loves the speech and since it includes a lot of bible passages (which are difficult to read correctly), Hadas is going to read those out loud for her. They practiced together today and it sounded great.

I even called my ex-sister-in-law yesterday to wish her happy birthday and to thank her for the powerpoint presentation that she made for Lilach (apparently she put in lots of pictures of the little girls too :-))

OK, back to the Olympics (at least I get to watch while I feed Yirmi :-))


Sara said...

You really have a lot going on all at once. It's inspiring to see how well you handle it all.

Congratulations to Lilach on her upcoming Bat Mitzvah.

Sarah said...