Thursday, March 18, 2010

Five Fives

In case you've missed it, I'm promoting sleeQo, a new service that helps you create content for your blog. The more people who join, the easier it's going to be for us to target the memes (questionnaires) to what people want... We're still not ready for heavy traffic, but we need more than what we've got to get a feel for what people need.

Anyway, what I'd really like from anyone who ever gets stuck without content is to try it out & see what you think (feel free to let me know by email or in the comments). Go to the "fill in a meme" page where you can choose a popular meme, a recent meme or by category. Fill it in & post it on your blog (it's better if you register beforehand, but you don't have to register). Leave a link to your blog in the comments of this post & I'll send you a random piece of brand new jewelry from my collection (or you can choose genuine pearl earrings, since I've got quite a few of them). Once you've posted the link, send me an email to rachelinbar at with your address & I'll mail it out to you. Easy enough, right?


Five fives

Rules: Answer each of the five questions below with five answers. Tag 5 people to do the same.
  • Five things you would do if you were a billionaire.

    Buy a new house for us and for any of my close family members who want/need one, travel often, give money to charities I believe in, buy a new car, get good investment advice
  • Five things you did yesterday.

    Worked, gave Yirmi a bath, cut a salad, watched Law & Order (special victims unit), talked to Hadas
  • Five jobs you would rather do than your own (if salary and qualifications were not an issue).

    A writer (fiction, not technical writing, thank you very much), high level consulting (never have to do the detailed design, just oversee it), brainstormer, artist, bargain-hunter (is that a job?)
  • Five snacks you wish were calorie-free.

    Popcorn, cashews, chocolate, potato chips, pretzels
  • Five things that make you happy.

    My husband, my kids, quiet, doing things that are creative, designing something really awesome
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1 comment:

Bea said...

I run out of time, never content. So I'm not much help.

You could do a meme on five ways to find time to do memes?