Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Rules: Answer as honestly as you can. Tag 3 people.
  • A smell I hate

    Lentils cooking.
  • Least favorite day of the week...and why

    Thursday, because it means it's almost Friday (but then when Friday comes, I remember all of its disadvantages...)
  • TV shows I'll never watch

    Almost all reality shows. Most sports. Political talk shows... I don't really like TV that much.
  • Food I refuse to eat

    Pineapple (although I will taste fresh pineapple once every few years, only if it's very cold)
  • Bug I can't stand

  • Computer software I use (but hate)

    Rivhit (Israeli accounting software)- terrible UI
  • Chore I really dislike

    I don't mind chores too much in general, but I don't enjoy changing the sheets on top bunk.

I tag: Rona, Leah, Vicki, Anita

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